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Hi! I have been using this account for some years now but I still don't have an introduction post hahaha. So here it goes! :D

I'm Meari (fandom name only) and I'm from the Philippines but is currently living in Japan for some time.

I love Jpop, Japanese dramas/movies, Japanese variety shows. Maybe it's obvious but I love Johnny's hahaha I became a fan in 2010. I'm currently studying Japanese language but I still have a long way to go. Sometimes I translate stuffs from magazines but I've only done a few and they're mostly about Inoo Kei. But I did one about Johnny's Jrs and some Sexy Zone-related translations too. I also wrote one fanfic (it's a collaboration with a friend) but it will probably be the first and last fanfic I'll ever write hahaha.

Hmm what else... I also collect singles, albums, and concert goods of KAT-TUN, HSJ, and SZ. I don't collect DVDs because they're much more expensive lol. I also have some singles of Arashi, Kisumai, NEWS, and E-girls. :)

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If you want to add me, feel free to do so! Haha although there's not much to see in my journal. Please introduce yourself here too. :)

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[translation] Hikaru X Yuri X Kei Cross talk Wink Up 09.2017

Hi! I decided to translate this cross talk since it was just short and I had the time. They talked about JUMP love <3 I hope you enjoy reading this~ :)

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 (Note: I am not a native English and Japanese speaker so there might be mistakes. Sorry!)

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[translation] BEST Crosstalk WINK UP 09.2017

Hello! It's been a while since I last posted here. I decided to translate BEST's crosstalk in Wink Up September 2017 issue. BEST said a lot of random things here so I hope you enjoy reading it! :)

5 years Since BEST’s last get-together!

“(absent-mindedly) It would have been better to do the photoshoot inside a cool (as in cold) studio.”

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Note: I'm not a native Japanese and English speaker so there might be mistakes. I had a difficult time translating some sentences especially Takaki's car racing part. 

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[life update] It's been 6 months!

It's been almost 6 months since I arrived in Japan! Right now is our Spring break! I still don't want this exchange program to end :( To be honest, it's one of my best experiences not just because of fandom life but also because I got to experience more things here that I couldn't do in my country like karaoke, travelling with friends, purikura, and more.

Ok so far my fandom life has been really fun! Too fun I guess.. I need to stop buying too much fandom stuffs lol. Waaa but it's so nice to see goods of your favorite artists in shops! Oh! And so far I have watched 4 movies in the theaters too! I'm glad that I somehow understood the general story lol even if I couldn't understand some lines. The movies I watched were Bokura no Gohan wa Ashita de Matteru, Kimi to 100kai me no Koi, Boku wa Ashita Kinou no Kimi to De-to Suru, and Isshuukan Friends! All of them were good but if I had to pick my favorite so far...it would be Miwa and Kentaro's Kimi to 100kai me no Koi! :D But I'm most excited for Inoo's Peach Girl!!!! I really want to watch it nowww~ I bet I would feel all the feels HAHAHA! Like I would be doki doki with Inoo, doki doki with Kairi X Momo, but at the same time a bit jealous (lol), and more doki doki with Inoo! <3

Ok I won't make this update too long haha! Hmm just a sneak peek for my possible future update would be events happening on 5/4/2017 and 6/10/2017!!! I'm so excited!!!! ;)

Dreamwidth account

I saw that a lot of people from here are creating dreamwidth accounts already. It's a bit difficult to adjust again since it took me a while to get used to lj too actually (and I honestly still haven't mastered lj lol). I won't leave lj and I hope no one will completely leave too. I'm hoping for the best because lj has been one of my favorite place for fandom stuffs. But just to be sure, I created a dreamwidth account but it still has no posts. I'm planning to import my posts from here but as it would take time, I decided to do all these adjustments after my school semester ends. Hopefully, I could fix everything on february. I hope you can add me there too! :)

(And just a quick question if someone is reading this post lol. When you import your posts from lj to dw, will only the posts be imported? How do I make my dw account have the same design layout as my lj account? I saw some aaccounts that have the same layout for both lj and dw so I was wondering how to do it... Thanks!! hahaha)


[translation] WINK UP December 2016 InoHika's progress part

Hello everyone! I really like InoHika so I decided to translate this part from the latest issue of Wink Up. They were featured here as one of JUMP's combi who gets along well. They are so cute! <3 I hope they'll have more moments together especially on videos because I also want to see their reactions not just voices like in Rajira ahahaha!

Note: I am not a native English and Japanese speaker so my translation may not be 100% accurate. Feel free to correct me if you notice any mistakes :D It was quite difficult to understand some of what they said >< and I didn't have the time to proofread this so... yeah sorry ><

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 here's a bonus translation of inohika from this issue too!~ >click here<

I hope you enjoyed reading this! :D 

[life update] Sexy Zone knows they have fans in the Philippines!!!

I don't know if Sexy Zone already knows that they have quite a lot of fans from the Philippines but last October 15, 2016, they were able to know for sure that they do! <3

So some of you might have known that I listen to Rajira Saturday (especially InoHika's) and that I sometimes do translations of what they said in the radio show when I have free time. Actually, I tried sending messages to them in Rajira many times before but none of them got read both in InoHika's and Sexy Zone's....

Until Last October 15, 2016!! It was Sexy Zone's 3 hour special and the members who were there were Kikuchi Fuma, Matsushima Sou and Marius Yo. I sent a lot of messages and more than an hour has passed but they still didn't read my message. I was at the point of giving up but I suddenly heard Marius say my radio name. I was so shocked! I wasn't even sure if I heard it correctly but when he continued reading the message, I was sure it was mine since I also put that I am a fan from the Philippines who is currently studying in Japan. Moreover, I put english sentences too (I figured that there might be a chance for it to be picked since Marius was there lol <3). I couln't believe what I heard...I'm just so happy that they now know for sure that they have fans from the Philippines and that one of them is me. T^T <3 Although my two most favorite members were not there (Shori and Kento), I hope that FuMariSou told them about it especially since Kento has Filipino blood right? :D

For some who might be curious about what I sent, it's below~ :D I'll just put the English version lol.

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oh and one more short update~ I saw Masaki Yabe of DISH// in Shibuya while I was crossing the streets!!!! My head became so blank that I shouted "Takumi" (since he is my favorite in the group lol orz) instead of Masaki </3 So he didn't look at me. I am sad. lol but then omg it was my first time to see a celebrity by accident in Japan! <3

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[translation] POPOLO December 2016: Shori X Kento Special Talk

First of all, Happy birthday Shoriiii! <3 I decided to translate this since it's his birthday today hahaha~ It's been a long time since I did a magazine translation. Sorry about that T^T

I hope you guys enjoy!~ :D

Note: Japanese and English are not my native languages so there might be some mistakes. Sorry! ><

picture credit: yoshiko_mama

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Yay! Thanks for reading! :D


[life update] I saw THEM again ❤️

Heyy! Sayyyy! Although I said I'll update soon, I'm just updating now lol. Sorry! T^T

Ever since I got here in Japan, the first thing I did was to have fun of course! Hahahaha! I went to see tourist spots and other places in Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Mt. Fuji, Harajuku, Yokohama, Asakusa, Ueno etc! But of course the fun wouldn't last that long! Haha! Although everyday is somehow fun in their own ways, I'm currently struggling with readings and assignments since school started already hahaha! The most challenging part for me is my Japanese class. In my home university, my professors explained Japanese grammar patterns using Japanese and our native language or English. However, the level I enrolled in here in Japan is slightly higher than the level I'm supposed to study in my home university (it's just level 3 out of 8 guys please don't think my level is high lol xD). And so here they teach and explain to us Japanese grammar using Japanese language only! @.@ So hard! But I'll do my best!! I want to become better! :)

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Okay going to the real update now~ :) THE HIGHLIGHT SO FAR IN MY STAY HERE IS THAT I WATCHED HEY! SAY! JUMP's DEAR CONCERT LAST OCT. 7! Ohmygosh! I still can't believe it!  It's like a dream! I want to repeat that day again if possible but it's not huhuhu... All the members were so handsome!! I tell you guys... ALL OF THEM! Their hairstyles suit them! But Inoo still needs to cut his hair lol. Their performances were so good and they were so funny! ️ I love Hey! Say JUMP so much! They're one of my favorite groups! Uhm maybe...they are already my favorite group? Mostly because of Inoo and Hikaru and of course because of the group's bond and craziness hahaha! But honestly, I think I like other groups' songs more. However, when I watched their Dear concert, their performances were so good that I came to appreciate and love their music more! No one else can sing Hey! Say! JUMP's songs better than them. Their songs have their own charm!

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If you're interested in reading some of the fan reports I tweeted, you can go to my twitter @Meari_inookay :) But I think you have to scroll down more now since my last fan report was around October 9 </3 sorry!

(My Japanese is not yet good so I probably have mistakes lol. I just tried translating what I said in Japanese too so that I could practice hehe. 😅)

[life update] I'm going to Japan!~

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I last posted here~
Well I just wanted to post a life update so that my journal would have some new posts lol.
First of all, I'd like to apologize for not posting translations in the past 2 months. I had a hard time with school to the point that I even thought my grades would be bad. (>_<) But! This term was a miracle! My grades were all good and were beyond what I expected to get! yay!

Here you could see the QLAP magazine that I bought ☆ It arrived quite some time ago but I just got it last week haha. Beside it is a pouch! It's one of the things I'll bring to Japan. (^_^)v I'll be staying in Japan for a year to study. It's been my dream to do so since high school. That's why I thought I was ready but I guess I'm still not emotionally prepared. I cried some nights thinking about missing my family especially my parents.

Even though I'm nervous, I'll do my best! I hope I could see Inoo in the streets hahahaha
When I'm free, I'll try and see if I could translate some fandom stuffs~
So here's my life update! (^ν^)
until my next update/translation~